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Release 1.2.1 is now in the App Store!

The update has new features and improvements. Here are some of the main changes:

Paste an image into an item

To add a photo or an image from the web used to require that the image was in the Photo’s app. Now an image can be copied and pasted into an item directly, making it much quicker to use a high-quality image.

The best way to discover how this works is this video demonstration.

Items in Set’s sort by name

Items to a Set used to be sorted by most recent, we have now changed that so they are sorted alphabetically. It just makes more sense and makes it easier to find a specific item.

Default quantity is now 1

We did a pole on our closed group on Facebook “CML Insiders” (ask to join!) to find out if the preferred default quantity should stay at 0 or change to 1. A large majority voted to make 1 the default. Your wish is our command.

Filters are now filtered!

Sometimes the filters would show duplicate entries for a manufacturer. The reason was that if you did a typo, such as an extra space at the end of the name, the app would see it as a different manufacturer and show you both names. If you then edited the item with the extra space in the manufacturer name it wouldn’t stop showing the duplicate. This is now fixed, the filter will only show manufacturers that are actually in your items.

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