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Release 1.2.2 is now in the AppStore!

Duplicate item warning

New feature – adding an item with a duplicate barcode will generate a warning. Great for checking to see if you have an item before buying or catching duplicates when entering items.

Please note that this looks at the barcode to find duplicates.

Long-press menu in sets.

In Sets a long-press on an item will bring up a context menu for editing, deleting, etc. This is similar to a long-press on the browse screen.

Fixed a crash when using iOS 12.x

For those with iOS 12.x there was a bug that crept into the last version that caused crashes, sorry about that. Now fixed.

Fixed duplicate manufacturers

When adding or editing items it would cause a duplicate manufacturers name to appear in the filter menu. 1.2.2 fixes this and removes any duplicates that had been created. It does not fix things like extra spaces or different capitalizations as it assume you meant to do that!

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