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Renee's craft room
Renee's craft room

Our Story

The creation of the app Color My Life was decided over lunch. Renee, our CEO, is an avid paper crafter by night, an IT professional by day. Frustrated with not being able to find things and repeat buying items, she had searched for a tool to catalog and search her supplies. The blogs and groups only came up with Excel and Evernote, but they didn't combine cataloging with images and being able to search by color.

Back to that lunch. Renee expressed her frustration about not having the right app. Mick, her husband and a technical advisor to startup companies, listened patiently (that's a good husband tip right there!).

Mick: "Why don't you develop it?".

Renee: "Are you serious? I don't know how to even start".

Mick: "I'll help, it's my day job!"

Mick: "You know the requirements and you know databases, I'll help you with the rest"

Renee: "Ok!"

What does it take to develop a professional app like Color My Life? First and foremost, it takes the time and dedication of Renee to learn new tools to translate her vision into a design that interacts and flows effortlessly, then to write a very detailed specification of how everything works. But it also takes a fulltime team of 5 user interface and software developers and therefore money, and we were in the very fortunate position to provide seed funding ourselves.​

We want it in your hands so that we get feedback to help improve the product. A good userbase will enable us to build in new features, such as using artificial intelligence to auto-tag images and integrating blogger content that inspires.