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The app designed exclusively for paper crafters

Justine Hovey posted the above video on her YouTube channel. She provides an excellent summary of what the app is about. WE LOVE IT. Justine is a great designer and educator.

A subscription is no longer required to receive the free 1-month trial.  Simply register your account with the app and your free trial will begin.

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Color My Life is the mobile cataloging app designed exclusively for paper crafters. Its easy-to-use interface organizes and catalogs paper crafting supplies, so crafters can spend more time designing and creating, and less time searching through disorganized inventory. Color My Life has an intuitive user-centric design and includes these capabilities:

Barcode Reader

Quickly add an item by scanning a barcode. Color My Life automatically populates the item's image and attributes.

Smart Tagging

Color My Life automatically creates color tags based on the item’s image, making searching and locating a snap.

Search by Color

Search by Color

Find your supplies quickly and easily by searching and filtering on text or color.

Project Organization

Much like a “recipe”, Color My Life brings together supplies and inspiration into Projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does this App actually do?

It is first and foremost a catalog of your paper crafting supplies. It helps you find an item by searching and filtering. A built-in barcode reader makes adding items a snap.

Want to bring together everything for a project? Just add your inspiration, be it a photo or a color palette, then search for the items you need to complete the project. Plan pages of a scrapbook or birthday cards for friends.

How often is the App updated?

The frequency of updates is dependent upon complexity, for example, we worked on the Android release for months. We have a roadmap of new features and we are releasing them as frequently as we can. In the interim, there will be bug fixes as needed. We are constantly adding items to the barcode catalog. If you are a vendor please contact us through support so that we can include your products in the catalog.

What are your plans for the future?

A flavor of what's ahead:

1. We have a small team dedicated to collecting and updating the catalog

2. Want to find a tag? We are making it simple to include a tag only search, useful for homing in on exactly what you are looking for.

3. In the items detail field, resize and pan around images. Useful for adding tags.

4. We have had several requests for a "Notes" field, this is in development.

5. The projects feature is useful, but we have big plans for how this will evolve in the future

Why do you have a subscription?

The subscription covers regular maintenance costs, for example, the sync and backup all occur on Amazon Web Services, we also have a small team to gather catalog updates.  In addition, it helps us implement the long list of enhancements we have planned. We believe that you will find it well worth it!

Is there a web version?

We decided to initially focus on mobile-only apps for iOS and Android. But a web version is on our roadmap.

To stay up-to-date on the app release, news, feature updates, hints 'n tips please add your email and we will keep you informed!