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We will keep you informed of the current status here.

Server: no know issues.

Known issues in 1.2.2:

Barcode scanning: Scanning a barcode that is not in the barcode catalog should fill out the barcode number that was scanned and warn that it was not found, this is not working in 1.2.2, it just returns to the add item screen without doing anything. Scanning an item that is found fills out the item information as expected. Will be fixed in the next release.

First sync on a fresh app install: If the app has just been installed and you log in for the first time the app may not complete syncing if the device goes to sleep before the first sync completes. We have a fix waiting to be released. The problem can be identified if the items didn't sync, but the Settings->About & Support->Sync Version: is as expected (for example if it says 200 and your other device is 200). If this happened the solution is to delete the app, reinstall, login, and keep the app active and the device awake until it has completed sync. The time it takes to complete sync depends upon your internet speed and number of items, so it can be less than 1 minute or more than 10 minutes.

Sync issue on a small number of devices: There are a small number of users with a lot of items that are unable to sync between devices. We have reproduced this in testing and in 1.2.2 we added logging to the app and server so we can better monitor and understand. We are working on a fix.

Can't log in: The primary cause is a firewall or similar on the WiFi which is blocking access to our server. If possible switch to cell data or change to a different WiFi that doesn't have the block. This is not an app issue, it is a WiFi access point firewall or VPN blocking certain traffic.

If you see any issues or have any questions please use the contact form in the app or below.


Oct 31st, 2019: Released 1.2.2. Added duplicate items warning, long-press menu in Sets, bug fix for iOS 12.x crash & duplicate manufacturers.
Oct 3rd, 2019: Released 1.2.1. Added Paste Image, minor updates.
Sept 6th, 2019: Server update to solve a problem with very long tags not syncing (more than 255 characters).
Sept 1st, 2019: Released 1.2.0. Added Search Barcode Feature, bug fixes for sync.
June 21st, 2019: Released 1.1.1. A bugfix version that reduced the occurrence of dropping from Trial mode to Free mode.
June 4th, 2019: Release 1.1. The first version available in the Apple App Store.


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Yes, still serious stuff, we will get to the interesting questions soon. Here are the terms and conditions for using the app and website: Terms and Conditions

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