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9 days and counting

Unless there is a last-minute hitch, we are launching the iOS app on May 31st!

We are feature and code complete and have been testing with an expanded group of beta testers. Results so far are excellent, with no bugs reported and just one or two great ideas for enhancements that have been added to our list. We are looking for user input once it’s launched. We have a long list of features on our roadmap, but additional ideas are welcome, and feedback will be used to help prioritize the work. This launch is the beginning, not the end, so you get to participate in defining the future direction of the app.

We have already added 45,000 products to our barcode catalog. Simply scan the items barcode and the app will add an image and fill out the details. When you have the app, one area that you can immediately start to help us is to scan barcodes on your product. If we don’t have the item in the barcode catalog you will have to fill out the information yourself, but we then process the list of failed barcode scans and will constantly be adding those items. So, you are part of the team, with every barcode ‘miss’ you are helping your fellow crafters.

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