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We are in the AppStore!!!

On the evening of June 4th, 2019 we went live in the iOS AppStore! It’s a huge milestone for us, so we hope you get the App and give us feedback.

1. Search in the AppStore for “Color My Life” and install

2. Create an account.
3. Hit the purple “+” button to “Add Item”, this takes you to the PRO subscription page.

4. Subscribe! It’s cheap, includes a 1-month free trial, and nothing will be billed until the end of the trial, and it can easily be canceled.

5. Add some of your supplies. Try the barcode reader and if it’s in our catalog, all the details will be filled in.

The app is designed around subscriptions. If you cancel the subscription you won’t be able to add new items, but you will always have access to the items that are already in your catalog.


  1. Ramsey

    I have downloaded the app and am so excited! I do have a problem in that it doesn’t recognize any of the bar codes of the new stamp sets. Am I doing something wrong?

    • admin

      We will post a list of items that are in the catalog. We are working to add more and more. Now that we have launched the app suppliers are contacting us to get their items in the catalog, so it should start filling up fast. If it’s a particular brand that you are not having success with let us know and we will focus on those.

  2. Maureen Wong

    Would it be possible for you to post an ongoing list of which companies you have added? Then I don’t have to try every single barcode for all the stuff I have? Thank you and congratulations on your launch!!

  3. Michele Fosnacht

    Can’t wait for the Android version. Would really love to have it on my kindle tablet and laptop. Will it sync between devices?

    • admin

      Yes. Minimum iOS version 10 (the latest is version 12). It will also work on iPads in iPhone emulation mode as we don’t have a native iPad version yet, that’s planned for after we complete Android.

  4. Rita

    I am not tech savvy…….realizing that, please don’t laugh at me……will this app work on an iPad. My husband has iPhone….I have Samsung…….phones but I am not a big cell phone user and it usually stays low battery

    • admin

      Hi Rita, it does work on iPad, I often use it on my iPad. It’s not a native iPad app, which means it doesn’t fill the screen or have a landscape mode yet.

  5. Louise

    Hi I am quite interested in you app as I would love to complete an inventory for all my craft things. I mainly have Stampin Up supplies – I noticed they weren’t on you list. Am I still able to scan and add these products specific to SU? Also am I able to use it on both my iPad and iPhone through the one subscription? If so can you use both devices simultaneously?

    • admin

      We only have a very small number of Stampin Up in the barcode catalog at the moment. We are asking the company for the data we need. We have several hundred of their barcodes that users have scanned and we expect to add them in the next few days.

      A single subscription (on the same Apple ID) will synchronize across devices. I’ll add that our next release 1.2.0 does fix several sync bugs that make the process a lot smoother and reliable, it will be released very soon. Also, 1.2 adds a new feature “Find Item” that allows text searching and filters in the catalog for those cases when a barcode isn’t available.

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