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Creativation 2019 a huge success

What a difference a year makes! Last year we showed a prototype of the Color My Life app and had a 100% positive feedback. This year we walked towards the event with confidence, but still apprehensive. Two wonderful crafters walked from the elevator with us and I showed them the app. I got excited hugs from both of them. Wow, what a way to start the day with a confidence boost! That excitement and positive response followed us for the whole 3 days of the show as we demo’ed the app.

Our purpose at the show was to pre-lunch the Color My Life app. What’s a pre-launch you may ask? Well, we visited almost every booth of Paper Crafting manufacturers and showed them the app. The usual reaction has been “Wow, that’s exactly what the market needs! How can we help?”. We asked for and will receive their catalog in electronic form so that we can add it to our barcode catalog. Our aim at launch is to have as many products in the barcode catalog as possible so that when you scan something there is a high likelihood that you get an automatic load of the image and details of the item. Adding your stock quickly and easily to the app is the first step to seeing its big benefit: finding exactly what you are looking for and where you stored it!

The second purpose of the show was to expose it to the paper crafting community so that we get the news out to you and your friends: more users = a better app! For example, if you scan a barcode we don’t have, we can verify the product and add it so everyone else has a better experience. Before closing, I’d like to thank our wonderful team of software developers, user interface designers, beta testers (including Nancy who flew in from New York because she’s so enthusiastic and wanted to help) and everyone that supports them and us on our road to launch in March 2019.

Renee, Founder/CEO