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Newsletter: Update October 2022

In this edition:

  • Web-version status
  • New app versions
  • Catalog updates

Web-version status

First, thank you for everyone’s excitement about the upcoming web version. We have worked to make it just as easy to use as the mobile apps. It also uses the larger display to add features such as multi-item edits, where several items can be selected and edited in one go, like adding a tag or changing the storage location.

Development has been complicated as there were dependencies with the mobile apps. This meant we had to modify how your data is synced to the cloud to ensure cross-compatibility. We also created an infrastructure that will automatically scale to meet the fluctuating website demands to support the morning and evening peaks.

In preparation for the web version, we are ready to begin implementing these enhancements, which will require us to take the server offline.  These initial changes will not impact how you are currently using the app.  We have planned this activity for next week (yay!) around the 1st of November.  During this time, for approximately 12-24 hrs, there will be no access to the Barcode Catalog, and your data will not sync to the cloud.  However, your content will still be available on your mobile device, and you can continue to add items manually. We will provide additional details of the specific downtime once we have finalized the details.

New app version

Once we have updated the servers to support the web version, we will release updated Android and iOS apps. The iOS app update is primarily to support the web version. The Android version has many bug fixes, some of you are eagerly awaiting for this.  We realize this is way overdue and apologize that it has taken this long.  Rather than explain all the reasons why, please know this wasn’t our intent and we are trying to release it as soon as possible.

This is a required update if you want to access the Web version of the app, more information to come soon. 

Catalog Updates

Since our last email update, we have added 3,771 items!

Altenewthrough Aug 2022
Avery Ellethrough Apr 2022
Catherine Poolerthrough Oct 2022
CC Designsthrough Jul 2022
Gina K Designsnew addition to the app! through Sept 2022
Heartfelt Creationsthrough April 2022
Heffy Doodlethrough April 2022
Karen Burnistonthrough Aug 2022
Lawn Fawnthrough Fall/Winter 2022
LDRS Creativethrough Halloween/Christmas 2022
Mama Elephantthrough Sept 2022
Riley & Companythrough Jul 2022
Sunny Studiothrough Summer 2022
Taylored Expressionsthrough Oct 2022, now including kits and free with $100
Time For Tea Designsnew addition to the app! through Apr 2022
Whimsy Stampsthrough Jun 2022
WOW Embossing Powdersthrough June 2022


The best way to contact us about an issue is through the app.  Go to Settings->About & Support and you can send us an email that will include your account details.  This makes it easier for us to find you in our system.

Lastly, we have a Facebook group called “CML Insiders”. It’s a great place to see how others are using the app or post a question about the app.  The group members are knowledgeable and we also check in regularly. 


  1. Lynn Tjerne

    This is great – Thank you for all your hard work! As someone who understands what goes on to build websites etc. You have done a magnificent job. Looking forward to the new upgrades and the web version!

  2. Susan L Shaw

    Can’t wait for the PC version! Will be nice to add items using 10 fingers vs 1!

    I think I became a new user at the same time the barcode library was shut down. So my question is, once it is back up will it pull the data I’ve entered for Crafter’s Companion into your data base for others to use too??

  3. Linda Miller

    Is there an approximate date for the PC version to be available? Will the PC version work in tandem with an Android phone? Where can I find a list of manufacturers in your catalog? I have heard that Stampin Up is now in the catalog, but do not find it on this website. Cost of the subscription to the PC Version?

    Love what you are doing. Just learned about you. Have found Evernote to be cumbersome. This app sounds like a wonderful solution to card makers. Thank you.

    • admin

      The PC (web) version is done and ready to released. We have an Android release that must go out first because of a compatibility issue with the web. We hope to release Android early next week (around March 8 – 10th, 2023), then the web version a few days later. The web version is a companion to the app, requiring a subscription on either Android or Apple; so there is no additional subscription beyond that.

      Manufacturers list – we need to update it to reflect the latest numbers and add My Favorite Things.

      We have about 7,500 Stampin Up in the catalog, but they are mainly retired items, and we don’t have images. It’s an unofficial release, so we don’t have permission to add images. Hopefully, Stampin Up will offer to provide their catalog soon so we can add everything.

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