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Items - How to create and edit items

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copic barcode

What is in the Barcode catalog?

Here's the content list.


Add multiple images to an item.

Tap the camera button again to add more images. View them by sideswiping. The number of images is shows as small dashes at the top of the image, highlighted in this image with a green box.

Known issues

We will keep you informed of the current status here.


The web version is not yet released, but it is close. We have a minor server issue to resolve, so we hope to release it sometime in the week ending March 4th, 2023


Known issues in Android app version 1.6.2:

  • Category viewing settings are not synced between devices.
  • Changing category viewing settings is sometimes stopping sync from working, we are working to fix this and carrying out reviews/fixes as we see it occurring.

note: Android 1.6.3 is in development, so it will be available soon.


Known issues in iOS app version 1.7.0:

  • No known issues at this time


  • Reports are not generating reliably. Smaller accounts can get the CSV format report and sometimes the PDF. We are investigating.
  • Occasionally an account gets into a state where it isn't successfully syncing. It's an easy manual fix on our part, and we are monitoring daily for occurrences and fixing them when it occurs. The development team is working to fix the root cause.


Please use the contact form in the app or below if you see any issues or have any questions.


Jan 3rd, 2023: Released iOS 1.7.0. Fixed photo picker, faster image download, support for web version.
Dec 19th, 2022: Released Android 1.6.1. Fixes need to download from the backup on an update, faster image download.
Nov 29th, 2022: Released Android 1.6.0. Pixel camera fix, fixed enable/disable categories, etc.
Nov 8th, 2022: New backend, fixes to PDF reports, adds support for future web app release.
Sept 1st, 2021: Released Android 1.5.0, iOS 1.6.0. Changed Sets to folder image, Inventory Report added (Beta).
May 14th, 2021: iOS 1.5.1 release. Fixes a bug where new content was being cleared when creating/updating an Item.
May 12th, 2021: Android 1.4.0, iOS 1.5.0 released. Scale images, filter on storage location, added a Notes field to items, add items to set using search and filters, but fixes.
Mar 24th, 2021: Update to server to fix incorrectly showing "Duplicate Found" message.
Mar 20th, 2021: Released Android 1.3.0. Search in tags, clear field buttons, find duplicate improvements, bug fixes.
Mar 20th, 2021: Released iOS 1.4.0. Search in tags, clear field buttons, find duplicate improvements, bug fixes.
Mar 5th, 2021: Release Android 1.2.5. Several Sync2 bugs. Screen flicker fixed. Filter "Category" order now correct.
Mar 5th, 2021: Released iOS 1.3.1. Minor Sync2 bug fix.
Feb 15th, 2021: Realised Android 1.2.3. Fixed a bug that caused the app to close on Android 11 Samsung S20/S21 devices.
Feb 3rd, 2021: Released Android 1.2.0. Sync2, better sync logging, improved catalog search
Feb 3rd, 2021: Released iOS 1.3.0. Sync2, improved catalog search
Aug 8th, 2020: Released iOS 1.2.4. Fixed issue with slow tag entry and crashes. Added price to items. Added item count.
July 14th, 2020: Released Android 1.1.2. Added paste image from a link. Fixed catalog image bug. Other minor fixes.
May 19th,2020: Released Android 1.1.1. Bug fixes for initial Android release
April 18th, 2020: Release Android 1.1.0. The first version available on Google Play
January 27th, 2020: Released iOS 1.2.3. Bugfix where barcodes are again added to the item even if not in the catalog, bugfix on the first sync it could sometimes set the sync version without downloading the items. Improved iOS13 support.
Oct 31st, 2019: Released iOS 1.2.2. Added duplicate items warning, long-press menu in Sets, bug fix for iOS 12.x crash & duplicate manufacturers.
Oct 3rd, 2019: Released iOS 1.2.1. Added Paste Image, minor updates.
Sept 6th, 2019: Server update to solve a problem with very long tags not syncing (more than 255 characters).
Sept 1st, 2019: Released iOS 1.2.0. Added Search Barcode Feature, bug fixes for sync.
June 21st, 2019: Released iOS 1.1.1. A bugfix version that reduced the occurrence of dropping from Trial mode to Free mode.
June 4th, 2019: Release iOS 1.1. The first version available in the Apple App Store.

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Terms and Conditions

Yes, still serious stuff, we will get to the interesting questions soon. Here are the terms and conditions for using the app and website: Terms and Conditions

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