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Android Update

It’s coming soon – we promise! We wanted to wrap it up in a big Christmas bow, but sadly the final ship date has slipped to January 29th. The first half of the project moved slower than expected, so we added additional developers, and the project is now staying on schedule. However, we were are not able to catch up with the lost time from early on.

We continue to test the development releases, and tomorrow (December 27th), we begin testing the 80% completed version. In appearance, it looks just like the Apple version, but it is exciting to see it on different devices and screen sizes.

We investigated a universal subscription across Apple and Android, but due to the technical challenges, we decided to postpone this functionality to avoid further delays. Unfortunately, this means a separate subscription will be required for Android. We will offer the same 1-month free trial on Android as we provide with iOS. In the first month of launch, we plan to offer an additional complimentary 3-months of free subscription if you email support referencing an active iOS Color My Life subscription.

If you have an iOS Color My Life account, then when Android is available, use the same email/password and Android and iOS apps will sync.


  1. Leuri Zibetti

    Just about subscribed to the IOS version on my mini ipad, but the IOS system was incompatible so I will wait for the Android release. Thank you!

  2. Danielle

    Just wondering what has happened to the Android version…..?
    We are now in Feb and still nothing…
    I really hope it will be available soon!
    Can you please confirm if we sign up for the Apple version when the Android version comes out we can contact you and get 4 months (standard 1 plus bonus 3) free?
    Thanks 😊

    • admin

      We are testing the first version; more fixes and testing to go. Then we have a small number of beta testers to confirm we haven’t missed anything significant before we release.

      • Danielle

        Will you be posting a new date?

        Also can you please confirm about the Apple subscription and then the bonus free Android months?

        Thanks 😊

    • admin

      We have a feature-complete version for Android and are just finishing internal testing. In a few days, we will be adding some of our beta testers to broaden the testing. No final date yet, but we are focused on this and release isn’t far away.

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